BZ-176 — a fuzzy premium tank with new rocket booster mechanics in World of Tanks

The BZ-176 (China, TT-8, premium, mechanics: rocket boosters) came out for the first time last night on General Test 1.18.1.
The tank has new rocket booster mechanics, which are triggered and have action time. Gas pedals have limited charges (4 per battle).

The mechanics are quite interesting: when activated you can not maneuver, so you need to think when it is best to use the gas pedal. As one of the best options is a ram. You can also occupy key points first relative to other heavy equipment. We think we will see more than once interesting moments of the game with these gas pedals.

Characteristics and appearance as always in front of you. For what and how – think for yourself.

TTX affected by the rocket boosters:

The first value is normal mode / the second value is with the boosters:

  • Acceleration Preparation Time: 5 sec.
  • Reload time between accelerations: 4 sec.
  • Time of action of acceleration charge: 10 sec.
  • Number of acceleration charges: 4
  • Acceleration shock force: 70
  • Acceleration shock duration: 0.5
  • Engine power multiplier during acceleration: x2
  • Maximum forward acceleration speed multiplier: x1.3
  • Maximum acceleration back speed multiplier: x0.1
  • Chassis Turn Rate Multiplier during acceleration: x0.15


  • Range of motion (max): 0.20 (6.00 / 7.80 on acceleration)
  • Scatter from chassis turning (max): 0.20 (6.05 / 0.91 at acceleration)


  • Max forward speed: 30 / 39 on acceleration
  • Max. speed Rear: 15 / 1.5 under acceleration
  • Engine power: 600 / 1,200 at acceleration
  • Power density: 10.51 / 21.02 at acceleration

* All performance specifications are listed with a commander’s bonus.

** In the 1960s, under conditions of tense relations with the Soviet Union, the PRC came up with the concept of creating a “frontier cover force”. The main firepower of this formation was to be units with “border cover tanks” in service. In order to reduce the overall height of the vehicle, a raised roof over the gun was used. In addition, the tank was planned to be equipped with twin tracks and rocket boosters. Theoretically, due to their high power-to-weight ratio, these would have given good mobility and cross-country capability. The project was closed in 1978, prototypes were not made.

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Crew of 4 persons: Commander (Radioman); Gunner; Driver Mechanic; Loader.
Role in combat: Heavy breakout tank.
Special equipment category: survivability.

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