AltProto AMX 30 — новый премиум танк на супертесте World of Tanks

AltProto AMX 30 (France, ST-8, prem) was released this afternoon for testing. Short name of the tank: A. P. AMX 30. The damage is interesting for this ST: 300.

For what and how it will be — it is unknown. The model is not the final one, which means that the tank is still far from its release.

* In 1958, AMX began work on a new medium tank under the Franco-German Standardpanzer program. The concept assumed a 30-ton weight class car with high mobility and powerful weapons. Initially, the project was called Char 30 AP and was created for the French 105-mm F1 gun. During the development process, the tank was constantly modified, became noticeably different from the original drawings and changed its name to the AMX 30. Work on the machine was stopped after the production of a wooden model on a reduced scale.

  • Crew of 4 people: Commander (Radio operator); Gunner; Driver-mechanic; Loader.
  • Category of special equipment: Mobility.
  • Role in combat: Fire support.

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