A new interesting technique in the World of Tanks Console

In the console version of tanks, modern technology continues to come out for its own separate branch: the Cold War.
Just recently, a new branch of Chinese LT was released for the Allies of the Eastern Bloc. There we saw quite an interesting tank.

Type 63HG (China, pumped) Escalation period.
The tank has a unique appearance. Pontoons are hung on the tank, but the mechanics of the buoyancy of the tank itself is not implemented.
But even such body kits do not give the tank a good reservation. However, the view of the “boat” is impressive.


  • Type of equipment: Light tank
  • Purchase price: 6 320 000 units of silver
  • Available after WZ-132 Model 3
  • Opens access to Type 80-II
  • Note. This is the last light tank of this branch. Then the branch leads to medium tanks.

* The Type 63HG was an upgraded version of the Type 63-I floating light tank and was produced in the 90s. Modifications included a 105-mm rifled gun instead of an 85-mm and a modified hull layout to more effectively overcome water obstacles.

Full characteristics of the machine: link.

We should not wait for this.

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