3D-style “C.A.T. (WoT option)” for the M54 Renegade tank in World of Tanks

This is 2 of the 2 3D styles in the WOT collaboration with G.I.Joe (2022). It’s all timed to coincide with G.I.Joe’s 40th anniversary.

C.A.T.. (WoT variant) -.
The M54 Renegade became a dangerous weapon in the hands of Cobra! He was a secret development of engineers “Cobra” and was one of the most advanced and effective machines in its class. The style of the C.A.T. (Crimson Attack Tank) was inspired by a limited-edition toy model produced in 1985 that traversed difficult terrain and maneuvered like a real tank.

Fictional. You can apply stage decals, group: Special. Only for tank: M54 Renegade. Maximum per account: 1. Tech price: 2500 Gold. ID: 653.

* G.I. Joe is one of the world’s most popular action figure series produced by Hasbro. Several generations of children in different countries have played with them and were fascinated by the struggle of an international elite SWAT team against a complexly organized and well-coordinated global criminal network called Cobra.

** This collaboration will be released only for EU, NA, Asia, CN regions.

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