2D “Up” style from 1.16.1 in World of Tanks

Space, by April 12, Cosmonautics Day (2022).
For the last 2 years, the WG has been trying to make a mini-event for April 12. Perhaps they will do it this year, too, because they don’t just draw a style for the holiday.

“Up” is an all-season style dedicated to the Cosmonautics Day.

Additional description:
Having overcome the force of gravity for the first time, people again and again strive to break away from the earth, to the myriads of stars, galaxies and universes. I want to believe that the beauty of the night sky and shining stars, as beautiful and mysterious as in the first days of creation, will never leave us.

Unhistorical. Suitable for equipment of any nation and level. You can apply large/stage decals, group: Special. Tech. price: 1750 gold. ID: 610.

* Style pattern: link.

2D-style "Drummer" from 1.16.1 in World of Tanks2D style "In the Stream" from 1.16.1 in World of Tanks2D "Battle Banner" style from 1.16.1 in World of Tanks2D-style "Warrior of the North" from 1.16.1 in World of Tanks2D "Battlefield" style from 1.16.1 in World of Tanks

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  The Wrath of the Emperor 2D style for the WOT 2022 Summer Auction

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