2D-style “Warrior of the North” from 1.16.1 in World of Tanks

Clan, for season 18 on the Global, which, it turns out, went by dates.

“Warrior of the North” —
“Our grandfathers stood on this land. And the grandfathers of our grandfathers stood on this land to the last knee. They were still standing when the rook was called drakkar, and Igor was called Ingvar. And we are now standing on this land among its forests and mounds. There is no force that will knock us out of here. There is no will that will bow our heads in submission. And the crows are circling in the sky, waiting for prey, but they know that we will not become it today. Our axes are sharpened, they feel that the time of the feast is approaching, where they will be fully satisfied. Here we stand with our brothers, from here we will step into eternity. Today, the north will be replenished with heroes again, and our lands will be filled with new mounds and bonfires. The winds of the north, our friends and helpers, carry this message to the gates of the camp: until this day we went from the Varangians to the Greeks. Today we are going to immortality.”

Unhistorical. It is installed only on tanks of level 8-10. You can apply large/stage decals, group: Special. Tech. price: 750 gold. ID: 607.

* Style pattern: link.

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