2D-style “Drummer” from 1.16.1 in World of Tanks

And the last one. By May 1, Labor Day holiday.

“Drummer” (CN Labor day 2022) is an all-season style dedicated to Labor Day.

Additional description:
Labor Day is celebrated on the first of May in 142 countries around the world. For decades, the holiday carried political overtones. It was invariably associated with demonstrations, posters, portraits of political figures, leaders of production and banner banners with information about achievements in any branch of economy, science or culture.

The tradition of holding marches under the banners of trade unions on this day still exists in some states, but for most celebrating countries it is just one of the spring holidays. It is ironic that the day is declared a weekend: peaceful processions, festivities and performances of artists are organized. For many, this is an opportunity to relax, do personal things or spend time with family.

Unhistorical. Suitable for equipment of any nation and level. You can apply large/stage decals, group: Special. Tech. price: 1750 gold. ID: 606.

* Style pattern: link.

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