2D style “11×11” from World of Tanks update 1.18.1

2 of 2 styles for a future soccer event. Probably have to guess the winners of the matches again (activity on the site, site-event). An easy and enjoyable event.

“11×11” – All-season style, dedicated to all soccer fans.

Additional description:
When soccer appeared exactly is unknown, but ball games have long been popular in almost all corners of the earth. Even in the II century BC in Ancient China they played “Tsuju”, which, according to the representative of FIFA, may be the most ancient ancestor of modern soccer. In Japan, “Kemari” was played. Similar matches can still be seen today in Shinto shrines during festivals. The forerunner of soccer in North America was called “Pasuckuakohowog. Games were played on beaches. The field was 15 times longer than today, the width of the gate reached half a mile, and the number of participants reached up to 1000.
In the XIV century in Italy appeared “Calcio” – the prototype of real soccer. The game had defenders, forwards and referees. There is also a version that the Italians brought “Calcio” to the British islands. In the 19th century, the game began to take on its familiar form, and England began to be called the birthplace of modern soccer, because it was there that both the name and the first rules of the famous game were invented.

Unhistorical. Suitable for all nations and levels. Group: Specials. Can apply large/stage decals. Tech Price: 1750 gold. ID: 674.

Style pattern: https://disk.yandex.by/i/7pr7uGq82Kcn3w

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